We have helped our clients lose a total of
kilograms so far!

Cannock's leading mobile 1-1 personal training company


Train Learn Go® is a strictly 1-1 mobile personal training and nutritional consultancy company operating 7 days per week. Specialising in body fat reduction, functional training & sports conditioning. Our focus is on the nutritional values of food and human biology guaranteeing results every time.



Thinking about joining a gym? Just before you do try and consider the following facts:


  • An average gym visit takes around 3 hours. Can you afford that time away from work or your family?
  • How hard do you really train? The average person trains to around 25% of their potential when left to their own devices. Do you think this is enough?
  • What style of training should you do? Do you really know how to train your body to produce the end result you need?
  • Given that your result depends almost entirely on nutrition do you honestly know what to eat and when?


If you answered no to any of the above questions then you may want to re-consider the efficiency of your gym membership and indeed the cost effectiveness of it too.



Here at TLG we do things differently:


  • 45 minute sessions conducted in your own home. Saving you 2.15 hours per session! More time to work or spend with your family.
  • We are fully qualified and massively experienced Nutritional Consultants, Personal Trainers and Sports Therapists so we know exactly what you need to do and eat to produce a truly amazing result every single time without exception!
  • With costs from as little as £120 per month we are more than competitive on price, in-fact we are about 25% cheaper than our nearest competition.



45 minute personal training sessions



The TLG Cannock Difference


  • 1-1 & Completely home based
  • Leading brand in the area
  • Countless satisfied clients in Cannock
  • Proven results
  • A massive emphasis on Nutrition



Mon - Fri. 6:30 AM - 9:00 PM